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Making is important. Knowing how to use tools, and materials, is key to unlocking the imagination and has potential to transform the world.

Brilliant Makers Clubs

A few quick tips for educators and teachers before you begin:

    • Make sure that you have plenty of materials to hand for participants, or pupils, to dip into and collect – (unused materials can be put back at the end of the session)
    • Collecting is an important part of the process of liberating ideas
    • Materials can be cheap and even free – if you are short of ideas check out your local scrap store!

    Brilliant Makers Clubs

    • Space! Make sure that there is space to move around to explore the creations from every angle.
    • Try working standing up to energise!
    • Prepare your space – table coverings and floor coverings depending on the project.
    • Time ~ Remember, making takes time – and can also be demanding.
    • Be mindful that creations might need time to develop over several sessions, and ideas take time to simmer.

    Brilliant Makers Clubs

    • Tidying up can be overwhelming for a workshop leader after a highly energetic session, so make sure that participants or pupils help out – and remember,
    • Sorting materials is a great brain developer!
    • Give students and pupils plenty of time to help tidy up!

    Brilliant Makers Clubs

    • Look! Make sure that sessions are, as often as possible, finished off by looking and chatting about the work (in a tidy space).
    • Questions should be asked like:
      • What materials did you enjoy?
      • What were the main challenges in making your object?
      • What would you do next time?

      Brilliant Makers Clubs

  • Do you believe in the power of making?

    AccessArt does!

    We believe that making and developing the ability to work, and think with one’s hands, is a crucial skill and should be nurtured from cradle to grave.

    If you are a teacher, artist educator or head teacher – please take the Brilliant Makers’ pledge and say:

    ‘I believe in the power of making!’*

    *By using the Brilliant Makers Digital Badge, you are making a pledge that you:

    *believe in making,

    *agree that learning to use tools is a vital part of a child’s education,

    *believe in thinking through doing and learning through exploring materials.

    Make a Pledge to Brilliant Makers

    Brilliant Makers Clubs

  • AccessArt is very excited to launch Brilliant Makers Clubs!

    For many years AccessArt has been working hard to highlight the importance of hands-on, creative activities for all, and through our co-created resources we have shown we really can help raise standards in art education.

    We hope that by taking positive steps to develop a network of Brilliant Makers Clubs, we will join together individuals, schools and organisations who recognise the importance of making as a vital part of a child’s education and life long learning.

    Our motto is “Making is important. Knowing how to use tools, and materials, is key to unlocking the imagination and has potential to transform the world.”

    Follow this link to find out everything you need to know, including how to Register a Club and how AccessArt will support you! The Brilliant Makers Club

    Brilliant Makers Clubs

The ABC of Tools – PDF Download

“The ABC of Tools”

A beautifully illustrated resource which aims to provide children and young people with easy to access information about how to choose AND use the right tool for the right job. Download the PDF!


Quick videos which describe how to use simple tools!

How to use pliers, cut wood, sand wood, use a hammer! See the videos!

Make, Build Create and The New Manifesto for Making!

Make, Build, Create: Sculpture Projects for Children, published by Black Dog Publishing later in 2016.

Make, Build, Create: Sculpture Projects for Children by Paula Briggs Published by Black Dog London (April 2016), aims to remind us of the importance and pleasure of making. A practical, beautiful and uplifting book which contains 24 fully illustrated sculpture projects for children, plus information on tools and materials that will enable a creative and open-ended exploration of key sculptural ideas. Available for purchase!

Workshop ideas for Brilliant Makers

Please check in regularly to this page as workshops are being published on a regular basis to inspire you!