The AccessArt Sketchbook Journey for Ages 5 to 11

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Welcome to the AccessArt Sketchbook Journey for Primary-Aged Children!

Jellies Sketchbook Drawings by Rachel Parker

How do we inspire and enable children just starting out on their creative journey to explore drawing in its fullest sense?

How do we make sure our approaches and activities are as inclusive and aspirational as possible?

And how do we ensure all teachers, including non-specialist teachers, feel confident in facilitating drawing in the classroom?

Let AccessArt help you teach drawing skills in your school, and take your pupils on an exciting drawing journey!

Journeyful Teaching

A word before we begin. The AccessArt Drawing Journey is designed so that specialist and non-specialist teachers alike can facilitate exciting drawing lessons with pupils. If you are a non-specialist teacher with little drawing experience, please be reassured that you do not have be great at drawing to be a great drawing facilitator. The most helpful (and actually inspirational) thing you can do for your pupils is to model a willingness to go on the drawing journey with the children. This makes it a rewarding creative experience for you, and a validating experience for them. 

Sketchbook by Jo Blaker

The Steps of the Sketchbook Journey

The AccessArt Sketchbook Journey aims to build understanding, balance opportunities for practice with and novelty has 6 steps… 

aims of… balances understanding, skill development, opportunity for practice and new projects, questions about what we can expect, what we should offer and how we assess, inspiration and assessment. 

Step 1: Understanding

Step 2: 

Start your Sketchbook Journey

The drawing journey is mapped out for each age range – shared

aims of… balances understanding, skill development, oppportunity for practice and new projects, questions about what we can expect, what we should offer and how we assess

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The Sketchbook Journey Team of Expertise Many thanks to the experience and generosity of our contributors...

Paula Briggs

Andrea Butler

Sheila Ceccarelli

Rachel Thompson

Irina Richards

Jo Blaker

Melissa Pierce Murray

Morag Thomson Merriman

Tonka Uzu

Emma Davies

Katherine Woodard

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