AccessArt “So Pleased” to Announce Partnership with Pink Pig International!

AccessArt is thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with Pink Pig Sketchbooks, makers of the most wonderful sketchbooks that we know our members love! Pink Pig already have a magnificent reputation amongst artists and they are rapidly expanding into schools.

Here’s what Pink Pig says about their sketchbooks:

“With a Pink Pig sketchbook, its not just about sketching. We’ve put 24 years of industry knowledge into creating sketchbooks that withstand a variety of media, such as wet media like: ink, watercolour, gouache & wash. We hand assemble all of our sketchbooks to order in the UK and are committed to using High Quality Materials. Our initial aim was to provide students with choice, unrivalled quality & unfailing goods. We have a rich history of British manufacturing and are proud to still hold those values today.”

“This year we wanted to toast our Yorkshire beginnings. Ever since Pink Pig was established way back in 1992, almost 25 years ago, we have stayed true to our roots, never leaving England’s largest county, which some call ‘God’s Own Country’. It goes without saying that we are proud of our British manufacturing heritage, which I think holds more value today than ever before. Over the years we have established lasting relationships, sourcing our suppliers as locally as possible, ensuring we manufacture high quality products and deliver them to you at the right price.

We have a fantastic team at Pink Pig International who are always on hand to help. Call us or go online to view our entire range. With extra savings online you are guaranteed to get the best prices we have to offer. Our initial aim was to provide artists & art students with choice, unrivalled quality & unfailing goods. Today those values remain.” Nick Wilson Managing Director

Order Pink Pig Sketchbooks online

Watch this space for details of how the partnership will work and don’t forget to sign up top left if you haven’t already done so so we can keep you up to date with all our news!

Thank you Pink Pig!

Pink Pig

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