Architecture: Stadium Design

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These resources will inspire upper Key Stage 2 children (ages 10 and 11) and Key Stage 3 children (ages 11 to 14) to think about stadium design. 

Inspired by Populous

Populous are a global company which designs stadiums. In their words” Working with communities of all sizes and using a range of disciplines, we create experiences that amplify the joy felt in shared human moments.”

Browse the images on their site to get a real sense of what it means to design stadium which bring people together and create an exciting environment for an event. See the Populous site. 

A Global Design Company

Watch the video to understand what Populous does – and how it brings together the skills of an incredible variety of creative and engineering practices. 

Inspirational Stadiums Around the World

Be inspired by some of the most inspirational stadium designs being built. Watch out for how each stadium is embedded in the local community, whilst reaching out to a national or international audience.

Use Google Earth to Explore Location and Form

Use this AccessArt resource to inspire you to use google as a tool to explore terrain. Practice drawing skills to seek out patterns and shapes in the landscape. See the Resource. 

Design and Build Your Own Stadium

Work alone or in groups to design and build your own stadium. Adapt the Building a Model Studio resource, or the Inspired by Google Earth resource, or the Building a Cardboard House resource. 

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