Artsmark and Printmaking

In printmaking an image is taken from a previously prepared block or plate and can be used to create multiple images, except in the case of monoprinting, where a single image is taken from a plate creating rich and textured effects.

Over the years, AccessArt has worked with artists to create a comprehensive collection of resources to promote and inspire accessible printmaking in the classroom from simple plasticine printing to more complex techniques like making collagraphs, lino printing and screen printing.

We have selected a range of print making resources below that cover the basics, but also offer the chance for experimental and pupil lead work.

For our full range of Artsmark resources can be found here

Screenprinting Inspired by Matisse

Using an historic painting as inspiration, this workshops develops drawing, collage and printing skills, culminating in a modern interpretation of an old master, Matisse.

Aluminium Foil Printing

A low cost and more manageable alternative to the process of etching and engraving used in industry and throughout history.

Making Collagraphs: 1

An introduction to making collagraphs by making small textured plates using grey board, glue, string and rope.

Making Collagraphs: 2

Taking prints from the textured plates in ‘Making Collagraphs: 1’ using water based inks and hand printing techniques.

Painting and Printing a Savannah

Using printmaking on an ambitious and energetic scale.


A workshop that explores how monoprinting can be used to free up the drawing process.

Mayan Pattern Printing Using Erasers

An effective process for little hands to explore carving with lino-tools, to create printing blocks using erasers.

Printmaking Using Everyday Materials

Some starting points from which to create printing projects using everyday materials.

Collagraphs Inspired by Architecture

Inspired by the amazing construction “Amphis” by Folke Köbberling and Martin Kaltwasser at Wysing Arts Centre, children aged 10, 11 and 12 spent four weeks drawing, printmaking and constructing a creative response.

Introducing Screen printing

A print making session that focuses on learning through doing, giving teenagers the space and permission needed to run free with their ideas within a framework and with clear instructions.

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“Artsmark enables schools and education settings to celebrate and advocate for the value of cultural education, and gives schools and education settings a clear framework to plan, develop and evaluate arts and cultural provision. It provides evidence for Ofsted on how you meet its spiritual, moral, social and cultural requirements, supporting the wellbeing of pupils.”  – Norfolk and Norwich Festival Bridge.

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