Brilliant Makers Club Summary Guidelines

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By registering a Brilliant Makers Club, you agree:

  • Participants are kept safe.

  • Workshops are appropriately insured.

  • Ensure workshop leaders are DBS checked.

  • To run the clubs in a fair and professional manner, with no tolerance for discrimination.

  • To reflect and acknowledge the AccessArt philosphy of creative, open-ended, non-didactic learning.

  • To provide appropriate creative learning opportunities for your chosen target audience.

  • To include the words “Brilliant Makers” in the title of your club. For example, The Brilliant Makers Club at Sefton School, ArtyWorks Brilliant Makers Club, or The Saturday Art School, part of the Brilliant Makers Network.

  • To display the Brilliant Makers Club badge which we will supply on any promotional material (printed or digital) or information relating to the clubs.

  • When appropriate, to use #BrilliantMakers on any social media.

You understand that:

  • AccessArt cannot financially support the clubs.

  • AccessArt does not underwrite the clubs in anyway, nor is AccessArt responsible for club activities or delivery.

  • AccessArt cannot recompense any clubs/individuals in the event of cancellations.

  • Your club can run in any location or venue, at any time, with any audience (closed or open).

  • Your club can be in any part of the world.

  • You can make a charge to participants or clubs can be free to attend.

  • You have the choice to share content of clubs via photographs and text, if you choose to, on the AccessArt website, if you have permission of those concerned.

AccessArt can help create good practice in clubs via:

  • Email advice.

  • Guidelines published on

AccessArt will aim to inspire activity in the clubs:

  • Through the 750+ resources on the Accessart site.

  • Via the AccessArt newsletter.

AccessArt can help market your club: