Belonging (1)

Symbolic Representation (1)

Investigation (1)

Where Do You Belong? (2)

Materials (2)

Plants (2)

Transportation (2)

Why Do Living Things Love Around The Planet? (3)

Should Children Have Rights? (3)

Is It Possible To Redesign the Old? (3)

Why Do People Move? (4)

How Are We Protected? (4)

Can We Reinvent The Wheel? (4)

How Did The Silk Road Connect The World? (5)

Where And How Will We Live In 2100? (Space Exploration) (5)

Water: Why Does Every Drop Count? (5)

Is A New Invention Always A Good Thing? (6)

What Makes a Country? (6)

How Does Conflict Address Our Lives? (6)




Journeyful Teaching & Learning/Diverse Outcomes

Widening of Understanding Followed by Depth of Exploration

Sketchbooks & Drawing to Scaffold

Ownership by Pupils and Teachers (Teacher models the journey)


Gentle “Assessment”

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