DrawAble: Information for Artists / Educators

What is DrawAble?

DrawAble is a new project created in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The DrawAble resources will aim to connect drawing, narrative and visual literacy to provide pupils in Years 1 to 6 with a creative bridge to help them navigate from lockdown towards the new normal. 

Who Do We Want To Commission?

AccessArt would like to commission a wide variety or artists, artist-educators and teachers to help us create the DrawAble resources. 

We envisage DrawAble will be used by schools across the world, by people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures and with varying levels of ability. We want to make the resources as accessible and relevant as possible so we are keen to try to commission work from a diverse and inclusive range of people. 

In particular we are looking for artists and artists and educators who have experience of working in the areas of drawing, comics, graphic novels, fine art and illustration, but at this stage we are keen to hear from practitioners from a wide variety of artforms if you feel your interests and experience can help shape the project. This might include others with an interest in how we convey story through various artforms: photography, set design, film, drama or music*.

We hope the resources created will be representative of the diversity of our communities – please do not hesitate to apply! 

*If you would like to submit resources for other learning areas outside of the DrawAble themes, please see this page

What Do We Want To Commission?

Each commission will take the form of a post which sits on the AccessArt website and helps deliver DrawAble. We are very keen that these posts talk directly to the child (we will create posts for UK Primary Years 1 to 6 – ages 5 to 11). The posts will be highly visual and where possible also use video to communicate ideas and activities. 

We are in the process of creating an exploratory “map” of resources to be commissioned. This map is for guidance and brainstorming only and we look forward to the project being shaped by the artists and educators who step forward.

When you apply (below) please feel able to make your own suggestions for additional resources for our consideration. 


AccessArt normally pays £42 per post, but for DrawAble we have funds set aside to pay  £200 per basic commissioned post – and we can increase this for more complex posts/video.

How To Apply

Please email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Describe why you are interested in the DrawAble project and approach

  • Outline your previous experience in the area, including any web links, social media accounts or images you think might be relevant.

  • We would also welcome any ideas you may have regarding resources for the DrawAble project. Please remember the resources will be aimed at ages 5 to 11, and will explore some or all of the following themes: 

    • Time for Reflection: What did lockdown mean to me?

    • Pause: Taking breath 

    • Hopes & Dreams: Let’s imagine our bright future

    • My Story: I’d like to share who I am, and think about who I’d like to become

    • Climate for Change: What would we like to change and how can we do that? (in association with The Big Draw 2020)

    • Literature, Film and Drama: Retelling stories


The opportunity for artists, educators and teachers to collaborate is ongoing at present, though the sooner we receive your proposals the sooner we can start commissioning. 

It would be helpful if we could have your initial proposals by the mid June 2020

We would like the first round of resources to be available by the end of August 2020


If you are a school interesting in using the DrawAble resources, or would like to send us your thoughts about the project, please see this page.

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