Embedding the Continuous Line Exercise in your Teaching & Learning

Explore the links below to see how the Continuous Line Drawing Exercise can be embedded in teaching and learning to help improve and inspire drawing skills. It can be used in a variety of contexts to develop a whole range of skills, including:


Careful observation
Hand eye coordination
Slowing down, tuning in
Seeing detail
Seeing relationships between parts
Mark Making (via pressure and speed)


Research before an activity, ie. looking and drawing before painting or making
Transition (to calm or settle)
Development (continuous line drawings over other types of marks)


Mono Printing
Urban Sketching
Natural Landscape
Life Drawing
Drawing Movement
Fabric and Fashion
Flora and Fauna

Find out how to do a Continuous Line Drawing: Video for Learners

See How to Make A Continuous Line Drawing

Using a Continuous Line Drawing to Help See and Explore

Drawing from Photographs

Pushing Looking

Seeing Structures

Dominant & Non-Dominant Hand

Continuous Line to See Relationships

Preparation & Thinking

Research Before Making

Seeing Before Painting


Adapt… Think Laterally About How You Can Adapt These Exercises to Expand Continuous Line Drawings

Making a Shy Drawing


Making a Scroll Drawing

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