Exploring Illustration by Making Children’s Books

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Creating Stories & Building Worlds

Pen, Pencil, Paint, Collage 

Dapo Adeola, Oliver Jeffers, Inbal leitner

In this pathway, suitable for ages 5 to 16, we explore illustrators who design and illustrate children’s books. Use their work as the basis for conversation with pupils.

Continue your exploration by using the AccessArt resources below to enable your pupils to create their own illustrated stories.

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Isobel Grant
ages 5-8
ages 9-11
ages 11-14
ages 14-16

Explore Illustrators

Exploring Character Design, Inspired by Dapo Adeola

Dapo Adeola is an award winning illustrator/designer. His work is centred on creating characters who challenge expectations surrounding gender and race in uplifting and inspiring stories. Read more about Dapo’s creative process in co-creating ‘Look Up’ here.

Dapo also runs character design workshops for children.

See more of Dapo’s work here

Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers is an award winning artist and author. He paints, illustrates and makes books, as well as using other artforms such as sculpture. 

Watch this video to find out more about Oliver and see more of his work here.


And Use These AccessArt Resources...

Explore Making Illustrated Letters

Create animal inspired illustrated letters with this video enabled resource by illustrator Isobel Grant.



Explore Illustrating Poetry

Find out how Inbal Lietner uses poetry to create illustrated storyboards with these resources.

Pedagogy in 250 Words: 'How to Use Artists Work as Inpiration in the Classroom'

Pedagogy in 250 Words: 'How to Use Artists Work as Inpiration in the Classroom'

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