Ink Collage Inspired by The Wolf Wilder

By Vicki Ostersen

In this post artist Vicki Ostersen uses a well loved children's book as a starter for creating a beautiful and varied collage using different inking techniques.

 Ink Collage Inspired by ‘The Wolf Wilder’ by Katherine Rundell

Notes for Teachers

  • Who is this resource aimed at?

    The activity is aimed at Year 3-6 children (ages 7-11) although it could be adapted to suit other ages. The drawing ink we used is permanent, so not ideal for very young children.

  • What are the aims in terms of process and skill?

    The aims were to explore mark making with just one material in one colour (black). To learn how to create texture, variety and depth in an artwork by using simple processes and application techniques.

  • How long will the activity take?

    This activity would take two sessions to allow for drying time in-between. Perhaps 35-40 mins per session.

  • What materials will we need?

    You will need:
    Black drawing ink
    A palette (or a couple of small plates or containers)
    Medium thickness white paper (we used A4 sheets and cut them into A6 pieces)
    Black paper for a background
    A drinking straw
    Rock salt
    Sponge (natural sea sponge works best)
    A couple of paintbrushes, including an old, stiff-ish one

  • What artists could we look at to inform the activity?

    The artist to look at is Gelrev Ongbico, who is the illustrator of ’The Wolf Wilder’. This is the first children’s book he illustrated and there’s a really interesting article all about the process, with pictures, which I included as a link in my text for the resource. You can find the article here.

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