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What does AccessArt do?

AccessArt is a registered charity (Number 1105049) committed to furthering the advancement of visual arts education.

AccessArt was founded in 1999 by Paula Briggs and Sheila Ceccarelli, graduates of the Royal College of Art. We are an inclusive organisation which works with all kinds of learners, teachers and creative practitioners, creating opportunities for all, in particular giving support to those who learn best through doing.

How large is the AccessArt audience and how do we reach them?

  • Each month, AccessArt website receives over 50,000 page views. Our audience comes mainly from the UK (over 70%), and consists of teachers, students, creative practitioners, organisations, and individuals searching for advice and inspiration relating to visual arts teaching and learning.
  • Around 40% of our visitors are referred from other sites (in addition to the 30% who arrive via google), reflecting the 1000’s of sites which link to AccessArt, promoting our activities for us.
  • Twice a month (on average) we send out email bulletins with updates/opportunities which are of interest to our audience. These emails go our via our database of 30,000 email addresses, including UK schools (all key stages), arts and cultural organisations and agencies, local education authorities, libraries, and of course interested individuals who have registered at our site (we have over 5000 members). Additionally we send press releases to press and internet contacts.

*We count page views, rather than hits. Many sites quote the number of hits – but hits do not reflect the true number of visits to a site – a “hit” is merely an element of a page loading, so if a page has 50 elements (ie made up of images, links, button, text blocks etc) then 1 visitor would trigger 50 “hits”…

What can AccessArt offer your company?

Your company name and logo on our website, our mailouts, and our press releases. We are happy to discuss ongoing partnerships whereby you make a monthly donation and appear on all of the above, or sponsorship on a project basis (see below).

We’re interested in sponsoring AccessArt. How do we get in touch?

Please contact Paula Briggs by email in the first instance. Many thanks

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