Looking Up and Out

Break Out Rooms

Exercise 1: Warm-Up 10 minutes

Introduce yourselves to the group. Include defining three things about yourself ( your profession, your favourite animal, your favourite place). Then all look to the screen, and make a blind drawing of your fellow break out room educators, using a continuous line, and including those three pieces of information.

Exercise 2: Devising 20 minutes

Work collaboratively to devise a project warm-up connected to the theme Looking Up and Out.

To start, agree:

  • The intended audience for your warm-up

  • The length of the activity

  • The aim of the warm-up

Decide your starting point – it could be an image below, another image, a piece of poetry, a physical task – whatever you like…

Your emphasis might be on a multi-disciplinary approach? What skills do you all bring as a group? How does your experience collide in interesting/challenging ways? How can different visual arts mediums work together? What opportunities can you create?

Think about how you might present your idea for sharing with the group.



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