Why Does the World Need Creative Teenagers? Send Us Your Message!

AccessArt is inviting directors, educators and practitioners from the Creative Industries to send a 10 to 60 second video message to AccessArt, to share their own take on why it is important (for themselves and for others) that teenagers feel enabled and impassioned to share their creativity with the world.

As part of a project in which AccessArt is working with five 13 year old teenagers to create animations aimed at encouraging teenagers across the country to become more aware of how they consume the digital world, and how they can take the first steps to becoming creative contributors, AccessArt would like to include a series of soundbite videos from a whole range of professions, endorsing creativity and encouraging teenagers to aspire to becoming the next generation of creatives.

We would welcome your contribution, and would also appreciate you sharing this opportunity within your networks and contacts.

Who Would We Like To Receive Videos From?

We would welcome videos from grass roots practitioners working in the creative industries, through to owners and directors of arts, music, drama and design organisations through to high street brands. We welcome contributions from anyone who feels they have a message which will inspire teenagers to be creative. 

What Should You Video Contain?

Your video should aim to do one or more of the following:

  • Inspire teenagers to think why their own creativity is important, both to them and to the world…

  • Help teenagers understand how they can make time for their own creativity in their busy lives, and where they can look to for support

  • Share how you yourself were inspired as a teenagers, if that is where your creative journey began

Remember the videos are aimed at teenagers (12 to 16) so:

  • Make your content snappy, energetic, relevant, appropriate.

  • Look straight to the camera and talk to the teenagers as if they were right there in front of you.

  • You can record the video straight to your phone – a heartfelt, spontaneous, on the spot message (do it now!) is worth more to us than a high quality studio shot video.

  • Please start your video by saying: “Hello, my name is _____ and I am ______ (job title / creative industry / Company or Organisation”

How Do You Send Your Video?

By Whatsapp: 07989 661423 or by wetransfer.com sending to the email address info@accessart.org.uk


By submitting your video file you give permission for AccessArt to use it in animations and films relating to this project. Finished animations and films will be shared on social media, via the AccessArt website, and via our e-newsletter. AccessArt cannot control how these animations and movies will then be used. Only content you have created yourself must be submitted. Make sure you have permission to use any brand name or other name which you refer to.

Please also include any credits you require us to show (i.e. your name, job title, company or organisation).

AccessArt reserves the right not to use the videos we receive. No payment will be made for any videos received or used.


Please send you videos ASAP, but by July 31st 2018 at the latest.

See Some of the Messages We Have Received So Far

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