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AccessArt is looking for partners for a project proposed for 2017. Please do get in touch if you are interested in exploring partnership. Pls outline briefly your partnership ideas and we will be in touch.

Please Note: If you are a school interested in registering your interest in the project, pls do NOT get in touch via this partner request. Instead pls make sure you are registered with AccessArt via the buttons top right (Register for Free) and we will contact you when the project is underway.

The “Mini-Studio Big-Idea” Project

In 2017 AccessArt will be running a project which aims to inspire a whole new generation of artists and makers. “Mini-Studio Big-Idea” will see the commissioning of 20 brand new miniature artworks made by artist and makers across England. The artworks will take the form of miniature artists’ studios, both the architectural space and the creative contents – and artists might choose to make replicas of their own studios, or to take the opportunity to reinvent a studio and reimagine the artworks within.

Once completed, the artworks will be photographed and exhibited digitally via, together with messages from the artists. In addition, AccessArt will create resources to accompany the artworks which will help pupils and teachers across the UK and beyond to create their own mini studios, inspired by the artists’ work.

As part of the project, schools across England will be invited to register to receive one of the original artworks as a gift. 20 schools will then be chosen at random to receive a Mini-Studio artwork, which will then belong to the school and be used to inspire creativity within the school.

AccessArt has been working for many years to support making, and more recently we have been campaigning to raise awareness of the importance of protecting opportunities for hands-on making for children and young people (/whatdidmychildmake/). Mini-Studio Big-Idea extends this work, and builds upon the great success of the AccessArt #ShareaBird project in 2015.

We want this project to really capture the imagination of artists, makers, children, young people and teachers across England and beyond, and to liberate the potential artist in all of us. It’s the opportunity for us all to:

· Celebrate the messy, open-ended exploration of the creative journey;
· Capitalize upon the universal charm and intrigue of the miniature and the freedom of the sculptural and architectural maquette to enable new artwork;
· Explore the concept of “studio”: why we crave creative spaces and how do might enable them?

AccessArt is looking for partners to be named in funding applications for the project and we would welcome you on board. We are very open to suggestions at this early stage, but in particular we are looking for partners who might be able to:

· Help us reach artists for the commissioning stage;
· Help us reach schools to invite them to register to receive one of the artworks or to make artworks in response to the digital project;
· Museums and Galleries who might like to run Mini Studio Project Workshops;
· Regional, National and Strategic organisations who might like to become a critical friend to the project and lend support via their logo and via dissemination.

We invite you to get in touch with your partnership suggestions and comments by the 15th October. Funding applications will be submitted shortly afterwards.


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