Pedagogy in Practice

To complement our evolving collection of resources to support visual arts exploration in the classroom and community, AccessArt is creating a series of resources which help teachers explore pedagogy and approach.

Please get in touch if you would like to contribute. 


Curtis Holder, Winner of the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2020, Series 7, shares why he thinks it’s is vital we make time for art in schools.

Explore why it is important that we find time and space to help facilitate creativity in schools.

Thoughts and practical approaches to support planning a rich curriculum. How do we promote creative risk taking and a journey-based approach, centred on drawing, sketchbooks and all kinds of making. Read More.

Assessing art is different to assessing many other subjects. How best to approach assessment of art in school. Read More.

Bitesize animations which explore various aspects of visual arts pedagogy. Read More.

How can we enable teachers to experience and develop their own creativity? How does that impact upon their teaching? Read More.

Key to AccessArt’s approach since our inception is that we can all learn from each others practice. How do we learn from teachers before and after us in the education pipeline, and what approaches can we learn from creative practitioners? Read More.

Seeing how other schools facilitate art successfully is a great starting point to develop your own practice in schools. Read More.

Pedagogy Team of Expertise

Many thanks to the experienced educators below for contributing to our resources.

Paula Briggs

Sheila Ceccarelli

Stephanie Cubbin

Mandy Barret

Mandy Barrett

Susan Coles

Susan Coles

Paul Carney

Jan Miller

Fay Cullingham

Histological drawing by Tashia Anindwita, © University of Liverpool
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