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Theresa Easton, Dox Thrash

Art can help children find their voice and give them a sense of agency. In this pathway, for ages 11 to 16,  we share artists who use printmaking as a medium through which to share their passions and beliefs. Use their work as the basis for conversation in the classroom. 

Continue your exploration by using the AccessArt resources below to enable your pupils to create their own illustrated stories.

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Theresa Easton Book Artist Screenshot
ages 11-14
ages 14-16

Exploring Narrative in Print, Inspired by Theresa Easton

Political activism features as a driving force in Theresa’s work. As well as experimenting with print surfaces such as glass, ceramics, brick clay and metal, Theresa creates broadsides with typography as a key feature. 

Find out how Theresa creates her screen prints using silk screen and a letterpress.

Read more about how Theresa uses narratives in printing practice here.


Dox Thrash

Dox Thrash was a master printmaker between 1893-1907. His prints often feature commentary of the social and economic exploitation seen in America at the time. 

See more of Dox’s work here.

And Use These AccessArt Resources...

Easy Printmaking Techniques

Before you start use our pdf to find out about the different printing methods and pick one that works for you.

Social Fabric: Making a Banner at Woking College

Take inspiration from Sarah Pimenta’s screen printing  workshop and celebrate diversity within the classroom.

Make the activity work for you- monoprint, screen print or spray paint, working in a group to design and print a large scale class print/banner.



Create a Zine

Feeling inspired by Theresa’s broadsides? Help students find their voice with this resource and follow by introducing Typography in print to inspire them to create their own messages of hope.

Or link to other subjects and use mono printing to explore narratives and themes in literature with this activity

Or take inspiration from Dox Thrash and use this resource to create drypoint etchings- photocopy prints and introduce them into a class zine or ask students to create their own. Photocopy items, poetry, or another artwork that students identify with.

Pedagogy in 250 Words: 'How to Use Artists Work as Inpiration in the Classroom'

Pedagogy in 250 Words: 'How to Use Artists Work as Inpiration in the Classroom'

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