Safe Creative Classrooms

Pupil using a graphite stick to take a textured rubbing outside her classroom

#SafeCreativeClassrooms Working as a community of Artists, Educators and Teachers to Keep Classrooms Creative During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Created 10th June 2020

We have had teachers and head-teachers getting in touch who are preparing for all children to go back to school and are addressing the challenge of how to continue to give pupils rich creative experiences within the limitations of the ‘new normal’.

AccessArt sees this as an opportunity to work with teachers, artists, and educators to find the most creative ways forward as a community to keep creativity running through our classrooms.

This page will be regularly updated as resources are created responsively, but broadly aims to: 

  • Give practical tips to enable teachers to be able to deliver rich, creative activities to their pupils (considering social distancing and restrictions on sharing materials).

  • Create resources to support wholesome creative activity,  experimentation, play, and inquiry through making art in classrooms (despite those restrictions).

  • Recognise children’s wellbeing and emotional states in response to the pandemic and explore how art can support restoring wellbeing.

  • A network of teachers, artists and educators who can support each other by sharing good practice, creative ideas and inventive classroom management throughout this next phase of the pandemic.

First Up - Art Kits

Creating Safe Art Kits for Pupils Going Back to School

‘Art Kits’ explores what mark-making materials might be made available for pupils with social distancing and ‘quarantine’ measures considered. Let us know what you’ve put in your kits #SafeCreativeClassrooms

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