The Sketchbook Journey Meet Up – Access Link

Welcome to the Sketchbook Journey Meet Up, 24th November 16.15-17.15

The aim of this session is to help support primary teachers progress their Sketchbook Journey, and support each other by sharing experiences and outcomes.

To access the session, you must be a full AccessArt member. Pls make sure you are logged in to access the zoom link below. (Please make sure you can login to the AccessArt website before the session so we can help with any password issues).

If you are not a full member and would like to join AccessArt you can do so here.

Once the session starts, please note:

  • Participants will be muted on entry. Pls feel free to introduce yourself in the chat, and raise your hand if you would like to be unmuted at any point.

  • Please feel able to have your cameras turned on – it helps the dynamics of the whole session if we can see faces and if participants can more easily talk with each other.

  • We hope these sessions will be interactive with questions and contributions from attendees – pls feel free to contribute!

These sessions will NOT be recorded.


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