Someries Infant School: Sketchbooks

For you to begin to experience a sense of how sketchbook use can enable children to develop their creative skills, and how sketchbook use might fit into, and impact upon, other subject areas.

Key Sketchbook Concepts
• A place to encourage open-ended exploration: THINKING AROUND
• A place which enables each child (or person) to feel at the centre of their learning
• Sketchbook skills can be taught and practised like any other skills.

That the behaviour / approach the individual teacher models will be echoed in the sketchbook. Opportunity to model individual, confident, open-ended exploration without a fixed outcome.

Ideas which feed Sketchbook Success:

  • Momentum and Pace

  • A sense of ownership

Ideas which hold back Sketchbook Success:

  • Resistance (in the form of control)

  • Preconceived Ideas and Perfection

  • Try to recognise and let go of your Aesthetic

Look out for the saboteur!


Pink Pig sketchbook exploration
Pink Pig sketchbook exploration
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