Start Here: Drawing

Start Here: Drawing is a collection of resources specially created by AccessArt to help you deliver art education in your primary school.

The resources are aimed at non specialist / less experienced teachers who would value guidance as to how best to teach drawing.

The resources have been carefully created by AccessArt as a result of many years experience working in the area, and aim to provide the foundations for a comprehensive, inspirational art education, which balances knowledge of materials and techniques, exploration of key skills and experimentation.

Start Here: Drawing

Before you Start Teaching... Begin by questioning how you think about drawing in your school...

Balancing Observational & Experimental Drawing Skills

How to value and enable both sets of skills feed into each other.

Teaching for the Journey

Explore how teaching for the journey, not the outcome, can enable great work!

Why we Need to Teach Drawing in School

When we teach drawing, we open up the lives of those we teach…

Enable Drawing to Flourish in your School 4 Simple Ways to Make Drawing Outcomes Better!

1. Drawing Materials

A beginners guide to drawing media.

3. Encouraging Risks

How to encourage risk taking to make better drawings.

2. Paper

How changing the paper you draw on can improve drawing outcomes.

4. Using Warm Up Exercises

How warm up exercises can transform outcomes.

Key Drawing Exercises 11 Exercises to Get you Started!

Exploring Key Media 4 Resources to Facilitate an Exploration of Drawing Media

See all our Drawing Resources AccessArt has hundreds of resources to help you explore drawing with children

Drawing Projects for Children Black Dog Publishing 2015

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