The AccessArt Offer to SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability)

Artists make creativity happen

In this important and evolving part of the AccessArt site, we aim to highlight inspired workshop facilitation by artists who have adapted their teaching for learners with different needs.

We believe that creativity is in us all and each and everyone of us has the right to express ourselves through creative process, no matter what the barriers to that might be. \’Talent\’ can potentially be there, ready to be discovered, but the right opportunities have to be presented for it to be released and enabled. We hope this section will break down preconceptions about what creativity is and who it is for.

Artist-led creative facilitation for SEND

Artist educators inspire, enable and change lives!

AccessArt highlights artist-led teaching in this evolving collection of workshop examples from successful projects in SEND settings and for adults with learning disabilities.

Share your SEND workshop or idea with AccessArt

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If you are a teacher or artist, find out how to contribute to AccessArt.

External Links for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

External links for more information on specific disabilities or learning difficulties.

We’ve also researched organisations, including museums and galleries, which are doing exemplary work in the area of SEND and access.
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