The AccessArt Share-a-Bird Project

The AccessArt Share-a-Bird Project

Are you an artist, maker or craftsperson?

Do you believe in the value of art, and art education?

Make yourself heard & join us in the Share-a-Bird Project

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The Share-a-Bird Project has two main aims:

  • To celebrate and highlight the diversity of artists and makers in the UK today.
  • To demonstrate the importance of visual arts education for all.

The Share-a-Bird Project is simple:

  • Artists, makers, designers and craftspeople were openly invited to make, sculpt, paint, draw or make a print of a bird and send it to AccessArt. A label was attached to the bird, naming the artist /maker, and sending a message of inspiration to the school.
  • AccessArt will send out the birds to schools in the UK in Sptember 2015. No money will change hands, though the artists/makers will receive recognition, and the school (teachers and pupils) receive a gift: the artwork (to keep) and the gift of inspiration.

Why Birds?

A bird has been the symbol of AccessArt for many years. AccessArt is a UK charity which aims to inspire and enable through sharing of good practice and we see the bird as a messenger. By creating a flock of birds, and sending them out into the world, we hope we can help new ideas spread and new connections to be made.

Paula explains how the project came about…

What we hope the project will achieve…


  • New connections will be built, between artists, makers and schools.
  • More children will have the opportunity to be inspired by art in the flesh, made by contemporary artists.
  • That the flock of birds will spread many messages as they fly across the country and land in diverse locations: that art is important, relevant and inspirational.

How to Join In…

AccessArt ShareaBird 2015 is now closed. Please register for free, top left of this page, to be kept up to date with future projects.

Any Questions?

Please ask any questions via the comment box below so others can see our answer, otherwise email info@accessart.org.uk