Visual Arts Planning: Experimental Drawing 6-12 Years


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These drawing resources have been carefully created by AccessArt as a result of many years experience working in the area, and aim to provide the foundations for a comprehensive, inspirational art education, which balances knowledge of materials and techniques, exploration of key skills and experimentation

Beginning With Drawing

The Start here drawing collection

Start Here: Drawing is a collection of resources specially created by AccessArt to help you deliver art education in your primary school.

drawing spiral snails

Artist Tracy McGuiness-Kelly shares a drawing workshop that gives children the opportunity to explore different qualities of line and markmaking to create their own designs based on the spiral.

Drawing Stories

children can take their inspiration from either a line of poetry, or a descriptive sentence which they have written themselves and then they draw from small scenes that they have set up using their toys.

Making Magic Spells

Paula Briggs leads a two-part drawing session in which children draw their spell ‘ingredients’ using a variety of media and then through further collaborative drawing, turn them into a turbulent, dynamic, shared magic spell pot!

Drawing Game: A Visual Conversation

A simple but exciting warm up exercise for tuning into the drawing process and for breaking pre-conceived ideas about ‘what is drawing?’ or ‘why draw?’

Dragon and Birds in Eggs

A drawing project using carbon paper and collage. Children are encouraged to explore diverse mark making to create collaged drawings of eggs and then they are asked to imagine what might be hatching in the egg….Birds…Dragons?

AccessArt Drawing Prompt Cards

AccessArt drawing prompt cards have been created in collaboration with artists and teachers over the years, to help support drawing and overcome the ‘white page’ and ‘fear of drawing’.

Drawing Large

Making drawings which are looser – using the whole arm, the elbow; and the wrist.

Drawing Small

A challenge to draw a collection of tiny objects – roughly the size of a five pence piece – things like small shells, pebbles, leaves, beads,

Developing Drawing

Drawing Music

Artist and educator Hannah Coulson shares a trio of musical activities that combine an exploration of drawing and music.

Never Ending Landscapes

This workshop using feathers, watercolours and ink is based on the notion of Myriorama cards and encourages children to take inspiration from observational drawing and then let their drawings evolve into something more personal and expressive.

Our River: A Communal Drawing

An exploration of Georges Seurat’s ‘Bathers at Asnières’, children enjoy the freedom to explore process and materials, creating a layered drawing and ‘wax resist’ on a massive scale as they imagine the sounds and feel of a river.

Turning Paper into Fur

This is a simple drawing project that gives participants plenty of opportunity to make their drawing their own by experimenting with a range of media and materials.

Making Superhero Drawings

An exciting resource using life drawings to create cartoon characters. Young children choose dressing up clothes and then model for each other in brief, energetic poses that challenge the observational, drawing and mark making skills of the class.

Walking and Drawing

This resource shares artist Andrea Butler’s process of making drawings whilst walking. A way of drawing that captures sensory and visual experiences when moving through the landscape.
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