Visual Arts Planning: Exploring the Culture of a Country

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Below are a selection of resources that can be used as jumping off points for an exciting exploration of a country’s culture.

Patterns, Textiles and Collage

Patterns from Around the World

A creative project that could be adapted for Reception through to Year 6 pupils based on creating collage inspired by patterns from around the world.

Houses from Around The World

Using images from houses from around the world, children explore collage and mark making to create an image of their chosen building.

Exploring Tessellated Design

A great activity for exploring Islamic Art and Architecture using simple cardboard stencils.

Using Batik in the classroom

This activity talks through the steps and materials needed for an early exploration of Batik, aimed at older aged Primary School children.

Tie Dye

Tie dye is a great way to encourage a sense of exploration and risk taking. Try not to follow rules about making patterns – just experiment with fastening small objects inside clothes, bound by string or elastic band.

Making Worry Dolls

How to make Worry Dolls – handmade dolls, most often made in Guatemala from wire, wool and small pieces of fabric.

Theatre and Storytelling

Shipwrecked! A Shadow Puppet Play

A shadow puppetry play led by a group of children, devising and making the play and puppets collaboratively.

Shadow Puppets and Whiteboards

Using a whiteboard projector to create interesting ways to cast shadows.

Middle Eastern Shadow Puppetr

Creating a shadow puppet play inspired by Middle Eastern art and architecture.


Making Collographs Part 1

Artist Andy Mckenzie works with teenagers for two, one and a 1/4 hour sessions and introduced them to making collagraphs.

Making Collographs Part 2

Artist Andy McKenzie supports teenagers to take prints from the simple textured plates they made in part 1.

Mayan Table Top Eraser Printing

A wonderful process for little hands to explore carving with lino-tools, to create printing blocks with really effective results.

Sculpture, Clay and Making

Chimera drawings into terracotta tiles

Eleanor Somerset shares a workshop on Sgraffito, or ‘scratching’ – an excellent technique to explore mark making and clay with all age groups.

Gilding and a 'touch of gold'

Gilding has been used extensively over the centuries in ecclesiastical art to demonstrate the importance of an object or what that object represents.

Plinth People: Sculptural Self Portraits

A wonderful resource in which children are encouraged to work freely, beginning with a balanced object based on the figure which they can then manipulate and add to.

making Money! Drawing and Making

Paula Briggs leads a workshop for 6-10yr olds on making money (Pirate money, thinking about the Romans, portraying themselves as Queen, or designing a new coin – the “infinity coin”!). Use this resource to explore the currency of a country.

Carnival Masks

How to make a carnival mask out of cardboard, staples, modroc and a stick. You can decorate it with feathers, cloth, beads, paint and buttons too!

Ancient Greek Lyres

An activity using modroc to create a Lyre inspired by the Ancient Greeks.

Making Textured Clay Tessellations

An activity suitable for 8-14 yr olds, in which children learn how to make shapes out of air-dried clay that can be displayed in a tessellated pattern either as a tiled wall or floor panel.

The Friendship Tower

Artist Rachel Scanlon shares a project she facilitated at South Wilford Primary School for their arts week, based on Countries of the World.
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