Warm-Up Drawing Exercise: Drawing Spirals

AccessArt uses this exercise frequently with both adults and children as a warm-up/ice breaker to a drawing workshop. As well as getting participants to start making marks on the paper without worry or mental blocks, this simple exercise aims to introduce participants to the idea that drawing and mark making comes from the finger tip, wrist, elbow, shoulder and whole body.


Drawing Spirals:

  • Take a large sheet of paper – A1 minimum.
  • Have participants crouch with their paper on the floor.
  • Any drawing materials – a variety helps the exercise grow.
  • Instruct participants to start in the middle of the paper making a tight spiral moving from their finger tips. Without taking the drawing material off the paper, let the spiral mark making grow outwards, gradually involving the wrist, the elbow, the shoulder the whole body.
  • Encourage participants to stand and bend over their paper if it helps their movements.
  • Grab another drawing material and start all over on the same sheet.


AccessArt apologises that these videos can not be subtitled due to a technical issue of access to YouTube. We strongly believe that all videos on the AccessArt site should be accessible to the deaf and hearing impaired. Please contact us if you would like a transcript of this video.

Careful control of spiral
Drawing Spirals
Drawing Spirals
Drawing Spirals
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