Which Artists: Ceramics for Ages 11 to 16

Links below lead to:

  • Pathways (collections of resources which can be used over a period of time in a class or workshop setting)

  • Artists Websites

  • Individual relevant resources on AccessArt

These pages are in development. 

Pathways Coming Soon...

Explore artists…

Dan McCarthy

Play Using Simple Tools to Create Playful, Colourful Pots

Rachel Kneebone

Sculptures Based on Renewal, Transformation & the Body

Which Artists: We Are Out Of Office

Multidisciplinary Artists exploring Ceramics

Jenny Chan

Figurative sculptures with a sense of narrative

Betty Woodman

Ceramics Decorated with Patterns and Bright Colours

Phoebe Cummins

Translating Flat Ceramic Designs Into Three-Dimensional Forms

Laura Carlin

Illustrating on Ceramic Tiles and Playing with the 3D

Takuro Kuwata

Creating Experimental but Functional Objects

Helen Felcey

Ceramics Decorated with Patterns and Bright Colours

Bisila Noha

Addressing Identity & Cultural Heritage Through Clay
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