Which Artists: Sculpture & Installation


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Christo & Jeanne Claude

Temporary, Large Scale Interventions Including Wrapping Buildings In Fabric

Sokari Douglas Camp

Sculptures From Recycled Oil Barrels Highlighting Social & Political Issues

Nicole Dyer

Sculptures of food and packaging inspired by consumerism

Romauld Hazoume

Exploration Of The Troubling Impact Of Colonialism In Africa

Ai Wei Wei

Artist & Activist Examining Political And Social Values

Elizabeth Catlett

Exploration of African American women and children

Yayoi Kusama

A Conceptual Artist Known For Her Repeating Dot Patterns

Liz West

Immersive Installations Playing With Light, Colour, Shape & Form

We Are Out Of Office

Multidisciplinary Artists Creating Playful Designs for Installations

On AccessArt

Found Materials & Objects

Sea Sculptures

Andrea Butler & Shiela Ceccarelli

Cardboard & Paper

Modroc & Clay

A Feast Out Of Modroc

Paula Briggs & Sheila Ceccarelli

Modroc Sculpture

Paula Briggs & Shiela Ceccarelli

Art Club Cafe

Anna Campbell

Hand Casts

Melissa Pierce Murray

How To Cast

Paula Briggs

Clay Moulds

Melissa Pierce Murray

Sculpture & Space

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