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AccessArt Young Artists

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This page contains publicity information for the recently launched AccessArt Young Artists project.

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Many thanks for helping us reach new audiences and teenagers. If you have any questions pls email or call 01223 262134

What is the AccessArt Young Artists Project?

AccessArt Young Artists is a new idea to help celebrate the creative and collaborative potential of teenagers.  

The AccessArt Team will work remotely alongside a chosen team of creative teenagers. The teenagers will be chosen for their passion and commitment to their artform. 

The role will give teenagers the opportunity to develop their own creative skills, whilst working with AccessArt to create resources for the AccessArt website. Young Artists will work to help us shape the direction of AccessArt to ensure we continue to appeal to a wide audience.

Most exciting, the Young Artists will be given the opportunity to collaborate with each other (remotely) on creative projects which are devised in direct response to the chosen Young Artists. 

Applications for AccessArt Young Artist 2019/2020 are now closed.

#BeACreativeProducer Launch Night, Photograph by Mitch

(Image credit “Photograph by AccessArt Young Artist Mitch”. If you use this image please link it to

Background to the Project

The AccessArt Young Artists Project was devised as a direct result of working with teenagers in the #BeACreativeProducer Project. The #BeACreativeProducer Project highlighted the effectiveness of enabling creative teenagers to work together towards an end result which could be valued by others, whilst at the same time celebrating and enabling the creative journey which takes them on that path. 

The AccessArt Young Artist project was piloted in 2019 – you can See our Pilot Young Artists here.

AccessArt Young Artist

(Image credit “AccessArt Young Artist Alex”. If you use this image please link it to

Work with us!

We are keen to work in partnership with museums, galleries and arts organisations. If you would like to discuss how you might be able help create opportunities for the AccessArt Young Artists then please get in touch or 01223 262134

You can see an example of such a collaboration with the David Parr House here. 

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