8 Values That Have Helped Shape AccessArt 

In 2024 AccessArt celebrates 25 years. As a self-sustaining arts organisation (a Charity, Limited Company and Subject Association), we thought it would be timely to share the values that continue to shape AccessArt

These organisational values are important at every level. Their meaning is enriched by their context; they are the values by which we act as a team, they impact the work we deliver, and our relationships with users. They are values which not only describe the way AccessArt endeavours to exist in the world, but also describe how best creativity might be allowed to flourish in the world, and to this end we hope some of these values might resonate with you, the user, and impact upon the way you enable creativity in yourself and those around you.

To share and celebrate our ethos, we will be commissioning 8 artists to illustrate our values. Find out how to apply here.

Please share how our core values resonate with you #AccessArtCoreValues

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Yu-Ching Chiu AccessArt Core Value No 1

AccessArt Value #1: Growth is Driven by Ideas, Opportunities and Reflection

Illustrated by Yu-Ching Chiu

What kind of growth makes us feel stimulated and fulfilled? As individuals, what drives us to keep creating? As communities, what makes us fair, inclusive and forward-thinking? See & Read More

Core Value 2 "Enthusiasm is Infectious" by Lizzie Lovejoy

AccessArt Value #2: Enthusiasm is Infectious and We Can all Play a Role in Fuelling or Stalling the Creative Potential of Others

Illustrated by Lizzie Lovejoy

What is our individual responsibility to those around us? What do we do, to encourage or interrupt positivity? How might we enable a more curious and playful approach? See & Read More

Core Value 3 'Hold Ideas Lightly' by Jagoda Sadowska

AccessArt Value #3: Having the Confidence to Hold Ideas Lightly, Enables us to Create Space for Everyone to Reach their Potential

Illustrated by Jagoda Sadowska

How can we always aim to open out thinking so that it embraces more possibility? How can we balance structure and freedom so that we feel safe yet free? See & Read More


AccessArt's Core Values by Tobi Meuwissen

AccessArt Value #4: Through small acts of understanding we can enable big thinking.

CLOSED for Applications.

How can we create small stepping stones of experience which enable us to explore complex ideas and experiences? Find out how to apply. 

Coming Soon by Tobi Meuwissen

The intentions behind even the smallest actions are important. Incrementally, these intentional actions create impact.

(Call for commissioning TBC)

How can we be enabled to act with clarity? How can we avoid overwhelm and at the same time empower? How can we see every action as a jewel?


Coming Soon by Tobi Meuwissen

We can be our most brave and creative self when we feel safe and valued. To help others feel valued we need to be kind.

(Call for commissioning TBC)

How can we cultivate a space in which we feel safe enough to show our true selves? How can we show compassionate understanding which enables individuals to feel understood and enabled?

Coming Soon by Tobi Meuwissen

We all have something to contribute which is of value to others. There is strength in shared experience which empowers us all.

(Call for commissioning TBC)

How can we learn to recognise what we have to offer to others, perhaps outside our usual sphere of influence? How can we feel supported by others in our community? How can we be energised by encounters with those experiences and ideas outside our comfort zone?

Coming Soon by Tobi Meuwissen

Generosity of spirit can help build a bigger, more diverse and inclusive world, bringing more opportunities and greater understanding for all.

(Call for commissioning TBC)

How can we hold ourselves less tightly, so that we feel able to share and embrace the experience of others? How might we feel safe, strong and empowered whilst being small in a very large crowd?