Project 13

In this resource, 13 year old Rowan shares how she devised a project to help develop her skills, and how she used social media to help coordinate and share the projects aims and outcomes. 

By Rowan 

I'd like to tell you about a project I have recently completed. I like painting portraits, and to give myself a focus for them, I have devised Project 13

Most of us love taking selfies, we like how you can really control how you look and have fun with filters. You can put a version of yourself out there for others to see.

But Project 13 is about what it’s like to be 13 when there are no filters.

Project 13 is a simple idea:

  • I set myself the challenge to paint 13 portraits of 13 year olds from my school whilst I am 13.
  • I invited my followers on Instagram to be part of the project, and after taking their photos, have painted them in my own time.
  • I wanted to show everyone what it's really like to be a teenager – not just the side we decide to let people see.

Project 13, Lucy

The completed portraits are currently being exhibited at Michaelhouse Centre, Trinity Street Cambridge, until 1st March.

You can also enjoy them via this digital exhibition, with music composed for the project by Mitch (in 13 time!).

You can find out more about the project at

You can see press coverage at

Instagram: rowanbriggssmith_


Project 13, Lily

Project 13, Anna

A1 Ink Studies towards Project 13

Rowan is a member of the #BeACreativeProducer Project team


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