Which Artists: Sculpture for Ages 5 to 11

Links below lead to:

  • Pathways (collections of resources which can be used over a period of time in a class or workshop setting)

  • Artists Websites

  • Individual relevant resources on AccessArt

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Explore Artists…

Christo & Jeanne Claude

Temporary, Large Scale Interventions Including Wrapping Buildings In Fabric

Nicole Dyer

Sculptures of food and packaging inspired by consumerism

Romauld Hazoume

Creator of masks made from rubbish. Exploration of Colonialism In Africa

Yayoi Kusama

A Conceptual Artist Known For Her Repeating Dot Patterns

Faith Bebbington

Sculpture Made From Recycled Materials

Liz West

Immersive Installations Playing With Light, Colour, Shape & Form

Andrew Amondson

A Living Christmas Tree Installation

We Are Out Of Office

Multidisciplinary Artists Creating Playful Designs for Installations

Alexander Calder

American Sculptor

On AccessArt

Found Materials & Objects

Sea Sculptures

Andrea Butler & Shiela Ceccarelli

Cardboard & Paper

Modroc & Clay

A Feast Out Of Modroc

Paula Briggs & Sheila Ceccarelli

Modroc Sculpture

Paula Briggs & Shiela Ceccarelli

Art Club Cafe

Anna Campbell

Hand Casts

Melissa Pierce Murray

How To Cast

Paula Briggs

Clay Moulds

Melissa Pierce Murray

Sculpture & Space

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