Starting Out with the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum

If you have just signed up to use the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum find all the information you need to help introduce the Curriculum to staff and understand how to use the resources…

Thank you for signing up to the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum! 

If you have provided us with the first name, surname and email address of every user to be registered then these users should have received their usernames and passwords directly to their inboxes. 

If you have any problems with access please email

If you have not yet joined AccessArt and would like more information about using our Primary Art Curriculum you can find out more here. 

Continuous Line Drawing of Buildings by Ruth Sohn-Rethel

Understand the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum

Before you start using our resources in your school, make sure you understand our ethos and how it transfers into the classroom. 

Learn about the intent behind our Curriculum

Watch Recordings to Build understanding

FAQ About our Curriculum

See common questions about the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum. If your question is not listed pls email

Adapt the Curriculum to Suit your School

 A key aim behind our new Primary Art Curriculum is to ensure that our resources are flexible enough to suit all schools, whatever your size or structure. 

Find the main versions of the Curriculum here. Click on your chosen curriculum to find support documentation to help you adapt the curriculum to suit your school. Explore some of our suggested curriculum adaptations here.

All the supporting documents we provide are fully editable. Once you have adapted your curriculum, if you would like AccessArt to take a quick look at your edited sequencing we can do that for you. Email

Introduce AccessArt to your Staff

It’s vital that all staff understand how AccessArt works so we have created a number of videos which you can share with staff at a meeting to help introduce them to AccessArt.

Start your AccessArt journey by watching one of the Introductions to the AccessArt Curriculum. You can also find videos explaining our approach to knowledge and skills within the curriculum, progression, assessment and teacher growth.

How to Access the Pathways

You can access all pathways via clicking on your chosen Curriculum here.

Or you can see all pathways available here. 

Develop Staff Skills

It’s important to us that our resources can be used by inexperienced, non-specialist teachers, as well as more experienced educators. To that end, we offer an ongoing programme of zoom CPD which are free to members (our collaborative CPD is reduced price for members) to help build understanding and enjoyment. We also have a library of recordings of past zoom cpd sessions.

Your staff might also like to see our pedagogy posts here

Support videos

Videos to introduce the new AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum and to help you adapt and tailor to suit your school

Exploring Materials, ideas & Techniques

Recordings of Zoom “In the Studio” sessions exploring materials, techniques and approaches used in the new AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum

Primary Art Curriculum

Recordings of Zoom CPD Sessions introducing individual pathways in the new AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum

Pedagogy in 250 Words

Build your understanding of art pedagogy by watching our short animations

Read the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum Report 

In the summer of 2023, a year on from the launch of the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum, we conducted a survey to invite users to feedback their experiences of using the resources so far.

You can find everything you need to know about the results of the survey in this report.

How do we Add Members/Update Staff

For any membership admin please email

Share your Outcomes 

We love seeing outcomes inspired by AccessArt resources. Explore the AccessArt Curriculum Galleries.

Pls find out how you can share outcomes with us and with other schools here.

Network with other Teachers

You might like to join the AccessArt Network Facebook Group to network with other teachers using AccessArt resources in their school.

Download a PDF Getting Started Step By Step Guide

AccessArt is a Registered Charity and Subject Association for Art. Find out more about AccessArt.

Events, Networking & Email Support

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