Which Artists?

AccessArt is compiling visual lists of artists, designer and makers who teachers might like to use as sources of inspiration in primary schools. This includes a range of contemporary, diverse artists, as well as more traditional artists named in our Talking Points. 

Explore artists by Discipline or Theme below to find relevant pathways from the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum, hand picked Artist Talking Points, Artist Blog Posts and Activities on AccessArt that you can use to inspire students.

These pages are in development. 

Find Artist by Discipline (Architects, Painters, Illustrators etc...)

Find Artists by Discipline for Children aged 5 to 11

Find Artists by Discipline for Teenagers aged 11+

Find Artist by Theme (Landscape, Figure, Community...)

Find Artists by Theme for Children aged 5 to 11

Find Artists by Theme for Teenagers aged 11+

Which Artists Blogs

Explore blog posts written by contemporary artists, designers and makers as they share their work and inspiration. Read More

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