Dropped Cone Sculptures with Julia Rigby

By Julia Rigby

Artist, designer and educator Julia Rigby enjoys creating colourful and quirky creations. In this resource, Julia demonstrates the process of creating dropped ice cream cone sculptures inspired by work by sculptor Claes Oldenburg. This is a fun project which aims to introduce younger children to sculpture and to develop their skills in working in 3D.


Ice-cream cone shaped sculptures by Julia Rigby

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Year 4/5, Cawthorne Primary
Year 4/5, Cawthorne Primary
Year 4/5, Cawthorne Primary

What We Like About This Resource....

“There’s a really fun element to this activity which is you can imagine all children really enjoying! The idea of food on large scale is a great starter for a sculpture project and an early exploration of working in 3D. What’s really positive to see in this project is how the children used their sketchbooks to design their ice creams prior to working in 3D. They then had the opportunity to re visit and refine their ideas as they worked. This provides a sold foundation for the concept of design development and design through making- both of which underpin any visual arts or design project or profession. For more support on how to develop sketchbook practice in your setting please see our Sketchbook Journey” – Rachel, AccessArt

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