Teaching Art in Primary Schools

“Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how excited I am about using your wonderful website & resources! I have been worrying for a while now about our Art curriculum, progression of skills, Ofsted Deep Dives etc. and I now feel so much better! I think this is exactly what our school needs and has been crying out for. Thank you so much.” Kate

Explore How AccessArt Can Support Creativity in Your school...

Explore the New AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum

AccessArt has just launched a brand new curriculum which aims to provide an inspirational approach to visual arts education in primary schools. Our flexible scheme aims to empower teachers to grow their subject knowledge whilst providing pupils with an exciting and forward thinking art education. The new curriculum is supported by a brand new Progression Plan, Sequencing Plan and Medium Term Plans. 

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Discover Ticketed and Tailored Zoom CPD

AccessArt provides extensive CPD for teachers. This includes tailored CPD for schools, and ticketed events, many of which are free if charge or reduced rate for AccessArt members

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Develop Art Pedagogy in Your School

AccessArt has a range of resources aimed at developing teacher understanding of pedagogy in art. Written in house and by external experts in the field. 

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Explore 1200+ Resources to Inspire & Support your Teaching

We have over 10,500 members who use our unique resources to inspire their teaching and practice. New resources are created each month. Use them to support standalone art lessons, help build your own scheme, or further support and refresh schemes you may use outside AccessArt. 

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Why Teach Art in Primary Schools?

Why indeed!

It often feels like we have forgotten why we teach art in schools. It can feel like a hard slog, trying to fit the subject in, and often trying to teach it with little specialist knowledge within the school.

But! In schools where art is taught well, the whole environment buzzes with the creativity, energy and insight which art can bring.

We want to enable all pupils to value their creativity, whatever form thats takes and however it manifests itself. That means we provide opportunities for children to explore lots of different making opportunities, as well as thinking creatively and critically about the purposes art serves. 

And we also want teachers to enjoy and be confident in teaching art – and we are here to support you in that.

Above, Curtis Holder, Winner of the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2020, Series 7, shares how his primary art teachers made such an impact upon his life, both then and now.

Curriculum Planning

 Our core aim is to raise the quality of visual arts teaching and learning through sharing inspirational practice.

Teaching art should be rewarding, and our curriculum planning advice will help teachers build their own facilitation skills, as well as providing comprehensive and creative activities for children.

Exemplar & Progression Plans

The original AccessArt Exemplar and Progression Plan remain on AccessArt for schools still using them (replaced now by the new AccessArt Curriculum (above). 

1) The EYFS Exemplar Curriculum Plan
2) The Primary Art Curriculum Plan
3) The AccessArt Progression Plan

Developing the Primary Curriculum - FAQ

AccessArt has collected together some of the questions we often get asked about how we can help teachers develop the primary art curriculum.

Visual Arts Planning

See how AccessArt resources can help enrich other curriculum areas.

A series of collections based around common primary school themes or topics, to help you find resources which will feed your classroom practice.

The Drawing Journey

The AccessArt Drawing Journey for ages 5 to 11 provides schools with a clear, accessible but ambitious journey for drawing progression. 

The Sketchbook Journey

We’re here to help you instigate, explore and develop creative sketchbook use.

Explore the AccessArt Sketchbook Journey to build your understanding of how best we can use sketchbooks, including resources for the classroom.

Drawing and Making

Drawing and Making are perfect partners – each inspiring and informing the other. Be inspired by this set of resources which will help enable hand eye coordination and creative thinking.

The AccessArt Offer to Send

We believe that creativity is in us all and each and everyone of us has the right to express ourselves through creative process, no matter what the barriers to that might be. Follow this link for more about Special Educational Needs and Disability.

AccessArt and Arts

Art Education Teacher Networks

Explore Networks in Your Area

Let AccessArt Inspire & Enable You!

With over 10500 members, AccessArt is used by hundreds of schools across the UK and overseas to help develop and deliver a rich and creative visual arts education. Find out how we can help you, and please get in touch if you have any questions. 

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