The Sketchbook Journey

Start Your Sketchbook Journey Here! Enabling Creative Sketchbook Use for Learners of all Ages

Paradaisu sketchbook drawings by Rachel Parker

Sketchbook page by Rachel Parker

Sketchbook Journey Meet Ups!

To further support primary schools who are beginning or developing their Sketchbook Journey, AccessArt will be running termly meet ups so that teachers across the country can come together to share their experiences, successes and challenges in sketchbook use, and learn from each other. 

The sessions are free of charge to AccessArt members (the zoom access link is behind the AccessArt website payment wall). Find out more here!

Start Your Sketchbook Journey

We’re here to help you instigate, explore and develop creative sketchbook use.

We’ll help you think about:

  • What sketchbooks are, and how they can enrich creativity.

  • What kinds of activities take place in sketchbooks, and when and how to use them.

  • How to use sketchbooks as tools for reflection and discussion.

  • What sketchbook content might look like.

The AccessArt Sketchbook Journey is an evolving collection of resources that we have been commissioning and curating for many years. Read Introduction to the AccessArt Sketchbook Journey by Paula Briggs

Whether for children, teenagers, young people or adults, the AccessArt Sketchbook Journey helps build understanding about what sketchbooks can offer us and how they might be used to enrich  creativity. 

Would you prefer to buy standard sketchbooks or make your own? Explore all options here. 

What is a sketchbook? What happens inside a sketchbook? Let’s lift the lid and better understand the potential. See the Resources

Making time for sketchbooks and exploring sketchbook activities. Find out what a sketchbook journey might look like through our collection of inspiring resources. See the Resources

Using sketchbooks as an opportunity to understand more about our creativity, and share our thoughts. See the Resources

Be inspired by the sketchbooks of artists, teachers and children. See the Resources

The Sketchbook Journey Team of Expertise Many thanks to the experience and generosity of our contributors...

Paula Briggs

Andrea Butler

Sheila Ceccarelli

Rachel Thompson

Irina Richards

Jo Blaker

Melissa Pierce Murray

Morag Thomson Merriman

Tonka Uzu

Emma Davies

Katherine Woodard

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