Talking Points For Ages 11-16

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The resources below aim to encourage pupils and teachers to explore and talk about different aspects of the visual arts.

They can be used alone as standalone activities (for example you might use them as class or sketchbook activities), or you might use them in conjunction with our pathways aimed at 11-16 year olds.

Our collection of Talking Points is in development. Pls make sure you are registered on the site and via our facebook group to be notified of new resources. 

*If you are having issues viewing videos it may be due to your schools firewall or your cookie selection. Please check with your IT department.*

These resources are free to access and are not part of AccessArt membership.


Lulu and Alva Schön at Lunch (1918) painting in high resolution by Charles Demuth. Original from The Barnes Foundation. 

Talking Points: Populous Stadium Design

Talking Points: Su Blackwell

Talking Points: Julie Chen

Talking Points: Andersen M Studio

Talking Points: Edgar Heap of Birds

Talking Points: Sinclair Ashman

Talking Points: Gail Brodholt

Talking Points: Karen Wicks

Talking Points: Etel Adnan

Talking Points: Paul Nash

Talking Points: Claire Willberg

Talking Points: What is a zine?

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