Set Design

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Felted and Embroidered Yellow Living Room by Gabby Dickson

Enjoy making models and maquettes as a way to explore set design, linking 3d making to literature, music, film and animation. 

Resources can be adapted to suit a variety of age groups, themes and contexts. 

Dip Your Toes Into Set Design!

Explore these sample resources to help introduce set design to your learners

Set Design with Primary Aged Children

Charcoal Cave

Introducing Set Designing – Exercises to Respond to Text

Explore Set Designers

Explore set design for theatre, animation and photography

Rae SMith


Rosie Hurley

Explore Construction Materials

Experiment with different materials to create sets that fit different narratives

Explore Paper

Explore Foamboard

Explore Cardboard

See All AccessArt Set Design Resources

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