Find Out More About the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum?

Find out all you need to know about the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum to help you decide if we are the right art scheme for your school…

AccessArt launched our new Primary Art Curriculum in September 2022. 

“We wanted to create an art curriculum which would help primary schools deliver a really exciting, rich and forward thinking visual arts education, whilst at the same time giving non-specialist and often inexperienced teachers the support they need to feel confident and happy teaching art.”

We hope you enjoy exploring. Thank you to the Team for months of hard work and to the many experts who gave advice during its formation. 

Best wishes, Paula Briggs, Creative Director, AccessArt

What is Special about the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum?

The AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum is designed around the idea that art is far more than a series of technical skills. Our holistic curriculum nurtures creative thinking skills and helps ensure your pupils learn through art, as well as about art.

Broad, Rich, Contemporary & Diverse

It’s our aim that by the time every child leaves primary school they can feel as if they have found an area of the visual arts that is relevant and engaging to them – that might be through drawing, or making, or designing, or talking about art. 

Redefines how we might best teach art in schools

We’ve thought carefully about the purpose of art. Not just in relation to the purpose of teaching art in school but the relevance of art in all our lives. AccessArt promotes open-ended creative learning where the emphasis is on the journey. 

Flexibility, Adaptability & Growth

It was vital to us from the start that we create a curriculum which schools can tailor and adapt to suit their needs.

Exceptional Support

We see it as a huge privilege to be able to work with you and your pupils, and as a small and highly specialised team, with many, many years experience, we pride ourselves on being friendly, available and responsive by email, phone or message.

Read more about all these values here

"Utter joy..." AccessArt Curriculum Survey Quote
Feedback from Curriculum Survey
Feedback from Curriculum Survey

Read the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum Report 

In the summer of 2023, a year on from the launch of the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum, we conducted a survey to invite users to feedback their experiences of using the resources so far.

You can find everything you need to know about the results of the survey in this report.

Will the AccessArt Curriculum Suit our School?

When you are choosing a scheme to use in your school, it is vital that you understand the ethos and approach approach of the scheme, and that the schemes’ intent matches that, or develops that, of your school. 

AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum PDF Guide

Does our intent compliment your intent?

Watch Recordings to Build understanding

What does the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum Consist of?

The AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum consists of:

  • 36+ Pathways to provide a balanced curriculum for Years 1 to 6 (new pathways are being developed). pathways are further structured into 4 curriculum models.

  • Each pathway provides link to resources to enable learning and build teacher knowledge

  • Links to Talking Points resources to introduce and embed artists

  • Editable Support Documentation including MTP, Progression Plan and Vocab etc. To browse the supporting documentation available, choose your curriculum version and click on support docs

  • Resources for EYFS to establish foundations for KS1

What Support do we Offer Schools?

Feedback from Curriculum Survey

In addition to well thought out, flexible resources we also offer the following support to schools:

Which Schools use the AccessArt Curriculum?

AccessArt has over 20,000 members representing many thousands of schools using the AccessArt Curriculum, and many more teachers using our resources to expand and develop their existing scheme. 

See a map of some of the schools using our resources.

“We have done so much research into Art schemes that it was so refreshing to finally find a such a fantastic, creative scheme influenced by such diverse artists.”

FAQ About our Curriculum

See common questions about the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum. If your question is not listed pls email

How Much Does it Cost?

"Enthusiasm is so high..." Quote from The AccessArt Curriculum Survey

To use the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum you must be a Multi-User member of AccessArt. Membership is priced per teacher. Membership starts at just £70 per year for 4 teachers. 

Find all membership prices here.

See all membership benefits here. 

“Ground breaking in content … A model for contemporary and relevant teaching and learning in Art, Craft and Design” Susan Coles, Arts , Creativity , Cultural and Educational Consultant

How do we Sign Up?

Feedback from Curriculum Survey

To sign your school up please choose your membership type from this page and follow the instructions. Please note that we are extremely busy so please do allow 72 working hours for us to process your membership request. 

If you require further help please email

Feedback from Curriculum Survey

We have our own Scheme – can we still use your Resources? 

Of course! Many schools have the expertise to create their own curriculum, and many others have an existing scheme in place. Schools like these still join AccessArt to benefit from over 1500 resources to expand and develop your understanding and practice, and benefit from free CPD. Find out more. 

AccessArt is a Registered Charity and Subject Association for Art. Find out more about AccessArt.

Events, Networking & Email Support

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