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Continuous Line Drawing Of A Shell By Zoe Coughlan

Whoever you are, and whichever audiences you work with, we hope you’ll enjoy exploring the Drawing section of AccessArt.

Find out more about the AccessArt ethos and approach, build your understanding of drawing as an activity and as an outcome, and develop skills to help facilitate a creative and inclusive exploration of drawing in others.

Dive in!

How does AccessArt Approach Journey?

AccessArt aims to inspire and enable a number of key areas of exploration:

  • We open up what “drawing” can be, both in terms of how we make a drawing, and the purpose of drawing.

  • We balance opportunities for skill development with opportunities for novelty and experimentation.

  • We build opportunities to explore how drawing relates to other disciplines and areas. 

  • We look at the work of other artists who use drawing in their practice.

  • We build understanding of how we can progress skills in a holistic way.

Drawing of mineral water bottle

Develop Your Understanding

It’s important that as artists and educators we remember that drawing, as both activity and outcome, can serve many different purposes, and can be many different things. By ensuring we embrace all that “drawing” is, we can ensure that drawing is relevant and enjoyable to as many people as possible.

Develop your understanding of drawing.

Explore Drawing Materials

There are so many different drawing materials to explore, and the more we explore the more we develop our sense of what drawing can be… 

Watch these videos to discover a range of materials and their properties here.

You can also explore all AccessArt drawing resources by material.

Dip Your Toes Into Drawing!

Explore these focussed collections of resources to help introduce drawing to your learners. All these resources can be adapted to all settings and all ages

Ten minutes, five times a week

six week introduction to drawing

Drawable: inspired by artists

Explore Drawing by Setting

Find resources and ideas to help build your drawing practice according to your setting

drawing for ages 3 to 11

drawing journey for ages 11-16

Coming Soon by Tobi Meuwissen

drawing in the community

Coming Soon by Tobi Meuwissen

See All AccessArt Drawing Resources

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