The AccessArt Drawing Journey for Ages 5 to 11

Spotting Potential and Nurturing a Young Talent by Jan Miller

On this page you will find the AccessArt Drawing Journey split down into 3 age brackets to help you feel confident in facilitating drawing for children up to the age of 11.

Each age bracket will take you through pedagogy, exercises, projects and assessment relevant to specific age groups, ensuring that children can explore drawing in its fullest extent, and you (as specialists and non-specialist teachers) feel confident in facilitating drawing in the classroom. 

Welcome to The Drawing Journey for Children

Journeyful Teaching

A word before we begin. The AccessArt Drawing Journey is designed so that specialist and non-specialist teachers alike can facilitate exciting drawing lessons with pupils. If you are a non-specialist teacher with little drawing experience, please be reassured that you do not have be great at drawing to be a great drawing facilitator. The most helpful thing you can do for your pupils is to model a willingness to go on the drawing journey with the children. Begin by watching “How Do Non-Specialist Teachers Teach art?

Start your Drawing Journey

Young children draw naturally, and they are eager to explore. Explore how to feed their appetite and imagination with the Drawing Journey. Find age appropriate exercises, project and guidance about art materials.  Start your Journey for ages 5 to 7 (UK Years 1 and 2)

Continue to widen pupils’ experience of drawing. Build upon skills introduced previously and develop their understanding and practice. Start your journey for ages 7 to 9 (UK Years 3 and 4).

Children are now well on their way to becoming confident, creative decision makers, able draw upon a wide variety of skills and experience to follow their own creative instinct. Start your journey for ages 9 to 11 (UK Years 5 and 6).

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