Planning A Creative Curriculum

To complement our evolving collection of resources to support visual arts exploration in the classroom and community, AccessArt is creating a series of resources which help teachers explore Pedagogy in Practice.

Thoughts and practical approaches to support planning a rich curriculum. How do we promote creative risk taking and a journey-based approach, centred on drawing, sketchbooks and all kinds of making.


What kinds of things should we consider when we are planning an art curriculum? Take a look at our advice, which includes practical pointers as well as philosophical aspirations. 

AccessArt’s Primary Art Exemplar and Progression plans  help Primary schools deliver a rich, exciting and relevant arts curriculum.

Learn how to scaffold creative projects to ensure richer journeys and outcomes.

Why is drawing so central to teaching art? What do pupils learn through exploring drawing and how do they benefit? Explore AccessArt’s approach to facilitating drawing in schools. 

How sketchbooks can help children develop creative ideas, and record them visually. Our range of sketchbook resources show the valuable role sketchbooks can play in our classrooms.

Do you teach for the journey or the outcome? What does teaching for the journey enable? How can we facilitate a journey of creative exploration in the face of targets and learning outcomes. 

How can we encourage children and adults to take more creative risks, and what might the benefits be? See inspiration for facilitating creative risk here.

Why incorporating warm up exercises as part of a visual arts project can positively affect the type of work children produce.

How teaching both observational and experimental drawing can develop well rounded drawing skills and confidence.

Pass on knowledge and open minds: how you might run a guided session, and what themes work best. 

This article explores the current trend for using knowledge organisers in primary schools, and suggests alternative ways of thinking. Read More

Arts Educator Stephanie Cubbin shares thoughts on teaching during lockdown. Read More.

Arts Educator Stephanie Cubbin shares strategies that could be used to boost the role of the Art department in your setting.

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