Drawing for Discovery and Story Telling

Image by Rose Feather
Image by Rose Feather
  • “We can draw our way out of any situation.”

  • ‘Taking time to draw provides a space to think about (and work out) how you are really feeling”

  • “Drawing empowers me to live with more self awareness. It helps me better communicate my needs & make positive choices because it gives me access & enables me to articulate my thoughts & feelings in a way that no other process does.”

  • “Drawing is a tool for reflection & development, which helps me proceed through life with less confusion, doubt or worry. I can’t emphasise enough how essential it is to my emotional well-being.”

  • “Drawing is an extraordinarily powerful way of exploring our outer and inner worlds and making our amazing discoveries intelligible to others.” 

  • “Large scale mark making can provide an opportunity to respond physically to whatever life throws at us”

  • “Art gives us the chance to process how we are feeling and work through our emotions.”

  • “Drawing is a fun and engaging activity, allowing young children to explore their emotions! More than ever, it’s important that access to these resources is available.”

  • An adventure with your pencil: where do you want to go?

  • One of the best things about drawing and sketching is that you can use just about anything to make a mark and develop an idea. Pen, pencil, ink, paint, mud, chalk. It is also a lot of fun.

  • “Drawing anchors me in the world and can show me what I’m thinking, feeling or experiencing in any moment. It helps me appreciate the life around me and it is my constant companion.”

  • “Painting and drawing brings you into the present moment. It helps you to feel more alive and to let go of stress and anxiety: a relaxed person is also a much more effective, resilient, responsive and inventive person.”

  • “Children can use drawing to express emotions and feelings that they don’t even yet know the words for.”

  • “DrawAble is the perfect remedy to a rapidly changing and often frightening world – let’s band together, share our knowledge and make interesting work”

Designed to help schools deliver an inspiring and appropriate curriculum for pupils working at home or school, AccessArt DrawAble connects drawing, narrative and visual literacy to provide pupils with a creative bridge to help them navigate from lockdown towards the new normal.

DrawAble has 3 main elements...

Let Me Inspire You!

Artists inspire us by sharing their stories and passions. Watch these short videos before you try some of our DrawAble activities!

Building Your Story

Explore our DrawAble activities aimed at children aged 6 to 13 (and older!) and discover how drawing can help you find your way…

Envisioning Stories

Use drawing as a way to reinterpret literature, poetry, film, theatre, drama and music, to make it your own.

Why DrawAble?

AccessArt DrawAble is being developed in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, to provide schools with accessible and high quality resources designed with the following requirements in mind:

  • The resources can be delivered directly to pupils working from home, or accessed in school, so that all pupils can enjoy a comparative experience.

  • The resources provide everything a teacher or parent needs to encourage holistic, high quality creative learning, at an inclusive and gentle pace.

  • The activities are sensitively devised and appropriate for children re-emerging into school life, or not yet re-emerging into school life, with all the physical and emotional load which these children may carry.

  • The activities are safe activities for bubbles – for example, they do not promote sharing of materials, or encourage queuing around sinks for water etc.

  • The final results can be shared digitally amongst the communities taking part, and via the AccessArt website, to bring communities together and create a shared experience. 

  • The resources will provide opportunities for teachers to link a number of areas of the curriculum including art, literacy, history, geography and PSHE, and at the same time to think carefully about what pupils might need in terms of a recovery based curriculum which supports wellbeing. 

  • All resources will be available free of charge from the AccessArt website. 

Meet the DrawAble Team!

Thanks so much to all the artists and educators who have stepped up to help us create the DrawAble resources. We really appreciate your vision, passion and dedication to help us create such high quality resources at such a speed, so that we can help schools returning to education in September 2020. 
The DrawAble project is proof that brave, creative, collaborative thinking can take us a long way into helping re-see a better future for all. Thank you, creative people, everywhere! 
Paula Briggs, DrawAble

DrawAble has been funded by an anonymous legacy More DrawAble resources will be commissioned in the Autumn

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