Video Enabled Resources: Sketchbooks


How Artists Use Sketchbooks

how I use sketchbooks & drawing

In this post printmaker Scarlett shows us that a sketchbook is for more than just drawing.

the secret power of sketchbooks

Sketchbooks are powerful tools. Enjoy these three videos in which Jo Blaker shares why sketchbooks have secret powers.

my tiger sketchbook

In this video illustrator Inbal shows us how she uses her sketchbook to record any thoughts that pop into her head.

Make Your Own Sketchbooks

Make a hole punch sketchbook

A hole punch sketchbook is quick and easy to make. They are an excellent and cost effective way to use up old papers.

make an elastic band sketchbook

Elastic band sketchbooks are cheap to make, and easy to personalise. They are great “starter” sketchbooks.

make a simple folded sketchbook

Making a small “booklet” sketchbook out of a single piece of paper is a handy trick to have up your sleeve!

making spaces & places in sketchbooks

In this resources we share how you can personalise a bought sketchbook by adding elements.

make a folded sketchbook

Paula shares a simple way to make an artist’s book, suitable for children aged 5 and upwards.

making a scroll drawing

Try something new by creating one long drawing with this scroll sketchbook.

making a backwards sketchbook

These sketchbooks are a great way to both store your drawings, and to help learners reflect upon and rework existing drawings.

puzzle purse

In this two part resource, Eilis demonstrates a method for creating an origami puzzle purse.

Turkish map fold

Use this paper folding technique to create concertinas of personal designs. This project can be expanded or simplified for different age groups.
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