Support & Be Supported

Now more than ever, it is important that those working in arts education help support each other. We are all working towards similar aims, and often with similar constraints and challenges, so it is vital that we work together to demonstrate the importance of visual arts education, and to make change happen. Our voice is louder together!

AccessArt is here to support you, whether you are an individual working at a local level, or a major cultural organisation working internationally. We also enjoy celebrating and thanking those who support AccessArt!

Find out more below and please get in touch if we can help you. 

National & International Educational and Cultural

AccessArt is keen to establish formal or informal support partnerships with national and international organisations in the educational and cultural sectors. 

We can offer your organisation promotion of your events and activities, complimentary memberships, and guest speakers at events, in addition to collaborative working on projects. Find out more.

Regional Educational and Cultural Organisations

Whether you are based in the UK or overseas, we are here to support regional educational and cultural organisations, including schools, FE and HE.

Explore how we can support each other here. 

Local Educational and Cultural Organisations & Individuals

Dedicated individuals, organisations and schools can make fantastic things happen, and we want to help support those actions.

AccessArt is used by many local arts organisations, museums, galleries and schools to help inspire exciting and innovative approaches to visual arts education. Find out how we can support you, and you can support us.

Self Portraiture Photography by Anna Linch


Some people’s voices are able to be heard above the crowd. If we are lucky enough that people listen to us, then perhaps we owe it to all those people who haven’t yet found their voice, to speak on their behalf.

If you are passionate about arts education, and you think you could be an advocate for all things AccessArt, we’d love to hear from you. 

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Donation and Legacy

As a UK charity which receives no core or revenue funding, we are always very grateful for any donations made to the charity. If you would like more information please email Paula Briggs, CEO AccessArt.

AccessArt would like to thank the kind executor of a personal will for making a very substantial donation to AccessArt, registered charity 1105049.

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