Drawing Exercises for DT Half-Term

For schools using the Split AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum, alternating art with DT each half term, we recommend that  when you are teaching DT, you put in place a practice of drawing exercises, even if it is just ten minutes, once or twice a week. 

Drawing underpins creativity in the visual arts. Please note there is no absolute order that these exercises might be introduced, so please do feel able to choose the exercises that appeal to you. Introduce these exercises (taken from the AccessArt Drawing Journey) for ten minutes each, once or twice a week, as transition activities in the morning or after lunch. These exercises can take place in sketchbooks or on loose sheets of paper which you then bind together.

Repeated practice is key: vary the subject matter and drawing medium to keep the process active and engaging.

drawing exercises for ages 5-7

drawing exercises for ages 7-9

drawing exercises for ages 9-11

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