Sketch Your World

Piccadilly by The Shoreditch Sketcher
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We have worked with Artist Phil Dean aka The Shoreditch Sketcher to create ‘Sketch Your World‘;  a project aimed at students of 16 and above to inspire and enable them to explore their surroundings through drawing

This drawing project consists of 2 introductory resources and follows with a series of 5 challenges each with a different focus, to ensure students can make the most of their local environment.

You might like to explore the resources yourself, set them as homework, use them in guided sessions or use them in an after school or gallery context.

Getting Started...

Setting the scene for urban sketching…

An introduction to the shoredtich sketcher

the basics of urban sketching


Watch each video and try the challenges at the bottom of each resource



Choosing Subject matter


Drawing the details

“Take your urban sketching skills to the next level with watercolour. Bestselling author and artist Phil Dean (@shoreditchsketcher) provides a step-by-step guide to creating beautiful urban artworks.”

You can buy Phil Dean’s book Urban Watercolour here.

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