The AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum – Impact & Evidence Autumn 2023

Since the launch of the new AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum in 2022, we have seen thousands of new members sign up to use the resources in schools to help inspire and enable a rich, diverse and flexible visual arts curriculum for all pupils.

In the summer of 2023 we invited users to complete a survey to feedback their experience of using our Primary Arts Curriculum in their school. We would like to thank the 447 teachers who responded on behalf of their school.

We are pleased to share the results of the survey.

See Quantitative Survey results

See Qualitative & Quantitative Survey results

As a result of the feedback we received through the survey, over the summer period we made some changes to AccessArt: 

  • We redesigned the website layout, creating a new menu to make it easier to navigate to the parts of the website most relevant to you.

  • We added relevant supporting documents and videos to each curriculum version.

  • We created new pages to help people who are starting out navigate their way through the AccessArt offering.

  • For those using AccessArt to supplement their own curriculums, we redesigned the discipline and materials resource pages.

  • We created a separate “Mixed and Split” curriculum version plus support documents.

We are committed to also creating further Curriculum Support for our members: 

  • We are in the process of creating Powerpoints to support Art Leads with CPD.

  • We will continue to add to our collection of zoom CPD recordings taking you through each pathway in detail. 

  • We have diarised CPD for teachers looking for more support in knowing how to adapt the AccessArt Curriculum to suit their school.

  • We will continue with our Sketchbook Share session to develop your sketchbook use.

  • We will run Introduction to AccessArt sessions to help new users navigate AccessArt. 

“As the art lead, teaching all mainstream art in my school, the AccessArt curriculum has been really enjoyable to teach. I have been able to extend my own knowledge and skills along the way. The children have enjoyed the range of activities and introduction of ‘new’ artists and styles. I have noticed increased levels of confidence and enthusiasm in our pupils and their approach to their artwork since we started following the scheme in September.”

You can see a map of some of the schools using AccessArt here.


Paula Briggs
CEO & Creative Director AccessArt 2023