The New AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum 2022: Intro Session Recording

Recording of the Introductory zoom tour on 29th March 2022, including Q&A.

Please find some FAQ below

Where Can I Download a Brochure to Share the AccessArt Curriculum with my SLT?

Download the AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum Guide here. 

Where Can I See the New Curriculum Plan?

You can see the new curriculum plan at 

How Much Does It Cost To Access the new AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum?

The new Curriculum Plan is included in AccessArt membership. Schools implementing the plan across the whole school must be multiuser members. 

What are the main differences between the new curriculum and the original AccessArt Exemplar Plan?

The original Exemplar Plan had links to AccessArt resources  for each half term block, but it did not put the resources in a pathway. It expected teachers to create a learning journey around the resource.

The new curriculum will consist of 36 “pathways”, one for each half term years 1 to 6. Each pathway will consist of links to external websites (to look at artists) and links to AccessArt activity and pedagogy resources. Together these resources will provide all teachers with a guided but flexible structure to help them facilitate learning. 

Please see our PDF for full details.

Can we still use the original Exemplar Plan?

Yes the original Exemplar Plan will remain on the site for schools.

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